Bible Study Helps

  • The New Zealand Correspondence School of the Bible is a free study system which takes its students through every verse of every book of the Whole Bible.

    It is designed to make Bible learning accessible to everyone. NZCSB has no time limits to its lessons and the only cost you pay is postage.

  • Read the King James Version of the Bible online.

  • This online dictionary of King James Version words contains over 11,000 definitions of Bible words to help you in your reading and study.

  • A comprehensive list of more than 500,000 Bible cross‑references to help you as you study the Word of God.

  • This is an online version of the complete text of Nave's Topical Bible, a type of Bible concordance with over 20,000 topics and subtopics, referencing over 100,000 Bible verses. The text is indexed by Nave's 5000+ main topic headings.

  • This calendar will give you an easy to follow path to help you to read through your Bible in one year.