Here Are some commonly asked questions about Community Baptist Church of Dunedin

What should I expect if I attend a church service ?


On Sunday at 10:30 am we meet together for our Sunday Morning Service. The song portion of our service lasts for about 25 minutes, while the remainder of the time is spent listening to Bible preaching. Our service lasts approximately an hour.


How big is your church ?


We are still a small church, but that means that everyone gets to know one another and you have people who are concerned about you and praying for you.


What version of Bible the do you use ?


We teach and preach from the King James Bible. We love the Word of God and believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible. The Bible is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. It should be studied, memorized, and most of all, practiced. We believe that the King James Bible, which is translated from the Hebrew Masoretic and Greek Received Text, is the most accurate and faithful translation and that it is the preserved Word of God in the English language. We reject all modern translations because they are based upon corrupt ancient manuscripts.

What type of music can I expect to hear ?


We sing many of the traditional hymns and songs of the faith. While I would not describe our music as formal, we abstain from the contemporary rock style music. We regularly sing songs such as Amazing Grace, The Old Rugged Cross, There is Power in the Blood, To God Be the Glory, etc...


What type of preaching will I hear ?


Preaching is the centre of the worship service. We believe that it is our responsibility to preach "all the counsel of God." (Acts 20:27) We do our best to make the Bible clearly understood, so you can apply the principles of the Scriptures to your life.
Our goal is that you will leave the service encouraged and with a desire to grow in your walk with the Lord.


Who leads the church ?


Christ is the head of each true New Testament church and it is our responsibility to follow His teachings as they are found in the Scriptures. The Bible is thus our authority in all matters of faith and practice. God has given us a pastor to lead us to be obedient to Christ. He is assisted by the deacons of the church.


What is an Independent Baptist Church ?


An Independent Baptist church is a Baptist church that has chosen not to be a part of any convention, association or union.  Like thousands of other Independent Baptist churches across the world, each church governs itself solely under the authority of the Scriptures. This is the example that we see in the the Bible as each church was responsible directly to God, rather than an earthly headquarters. While our church operates as an independent church we work in fellowship with a number of other similar churches across New Zealand.  

Because of worldiness and doctrinal errors, we do not associate with churches that are a part of the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches, the Charismatic Movement or any other apostate group.