We are delighted to have visitors in any of our services. We want you to feel like an honoured guest. Here are a few common questions and answers about visiting Community Independent Baptist Church of Dunedin which will help you to enjoy your first visit.


Our services are what is commonly called 'traditional'. The worship music primarily is great hymns of the faith. We regularly sing songs such as; Amazing Grace, The Old Rugged Cross, There is Power in the Blood, To God Be the Glory, etc... The main focus of all of our meetings is the Word of God.

We do our best to have a friendly atmosphere where people feel welcome and where Christ is honoured. We are still a small church, but that means that everyone gets to know one another and you have people who are concerned about you and praying for you.

Sunday Morning

Our Sunday Morning Service is our main service of the week. Generally, our Sunday Morning Service will have several hymns, prayer, a Scripture reading, an offering, and then a message from the Bible. At the conclusion of our service we will have a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits available.

Sunday Evening

We begin our Sunday Evening Service by prayer and then the singing of a few hymns. Then we have a message from the Bible. Often in the evening our sermons will be on a series, either the study of a Book of the Bible or a Bible theme. We encourage our people to attend both Sunday Morning and Evening services. The messages are different and are intended to  build upon each other.

Wednesday Evening

Our Wednesday Evening Bible Study begin with a few songs. Then we have a Bible study, usually a verse-by-verse study through a Book of the Bible, which is then followed by a brief time of prayer for the needs of the church.